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If you have any of the above issues please contact us to replace your unit


Your UPS battery back up may have went bad 

  • If electronics plugged into the SURGE side of the UPS are working but the DVR will not power on you can unplug the DVR from the SURGE/BATTERY side and plug into the SURGE side or into a entire new known working outlet. This will get your DVR up and recording until the unit is replaced.
  • If unit is turning on but beeping right away and turning off and on again unit may be totally defective. You can try to unplug everything from the battery side and resetting it again. If that does not work you must plug everything into new outlets until unit is replaced.
  • If you plugged DVR into known working outlet and no fans or lights turn on than DVR is defective  

I reset my UPS battery back up and I am still having issues 


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